New Members - What is a word that you have learned recently?

This is a topic designed for New Members.

Just add a comment below with a Chinese word that you learned recently. 


"I just had my first class so we learned Ni Hao, hello" or "I listened to a Chinese podcast a few days where I learned Robot 机器人 jī qì rén"

You can use pinyin or characters, whichever is better for your level. If you want to look up the word to make sure you have it right you can use

So what is a word that have you learned recently?

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well I've learnt lots of chinese new words maybe about 80 . but the one i like is : 秦始皇 qin2 shi3 huang2

whom was the first emperor of Qin dynasty and also the firs emperor of China!

the other one was : 蒙恬 meng2 tian2 . which is a proper name who was a general in Qin dynasty , it is said about him that he was the inventor of pen  = 毛笔 mao2 bi3

inventor : 发明家 fa1 ming2 jia1

 你来我往。actually a phrase and not one word. initialy,the meaning was a big crowd of people come and go .like in a crowdy place (market etc).now it is not being used in this meaning any,the meaning is two people,or two companies,or animal or whatever,doing the same action for each is like coming and going in two opposite direction but not on foot but in their actions.for example,when they meet in a restaurant,once one invites and the next time the other.also,one comes to visit the other and bring him present and next time the other doeas the same.also for the negative sense.two people shouting at each shouts something and then the other souts in response and so on.
an example: 来跟朋友相帮合作需要懂你来我往
for the initial meaning the chinese people use the expression:人来人往。for example:

Tīng Hao de. Sounds good

I learnt Duōshao qián? Which means how much, and is pretty much vital with the Tricycle Men all charging us different extremes of rates for exactly the same journey each day :)

Dajia nimen that mean hi you all..

Hello Chinese studiers!
I recently learned:
guī zhèngzōng
Which means "Reformed" - in the context of referring to the Reformed tradition of the Christian church. It is one of the most significant of the major schools of thought that arose following the Protestant Reformation. The Reformed theological system is primarily Calvinist; that is, the theology of the Protestant Reformation’s important representative individual, John Calvin.

new word for me is "fúwùyuán  hope i spelled that correctly.

ni hao,dajia hao,xiexie, dasuan,yezi

your Chinese pingyin is good, jia you!



Actually 马虎 is careless.

马马虎虎 means so-so.


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