New Members - What is a word that you have learned recently?

This is a topic designed for New Members.

Just add a comment below with a Chinese word that you learned recently. 


"I just had my first class so we learned Ni Hao, hello" or "I listened to a Chinese podcast a few days where I learned Robot 机器人 jī qì rén"

You can use pinyin or characters, whichever is better for your level. If you want to look up the word to make sure you have it right you can use

So what is a word that have you learned recently?

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Yep, I've heard that too! Heard a similar story about a group of Chinese police visiting Australia and the Aussie cops telling the translator they were surprised by the Chinese guys' swearing. Turns out that thought 不是 sounded like bullsh!t... !!

I was at the Shanghai HongQiao high speed train station yesterday and learned the word "晚点“ which means "delayed".  Due to heavy snow a lot of trains suddenly displayed this as their status.

Thanks for the add! I think this is a great idea to keep motivation to study up, sometimes spending hours just reading characters can drive me mental, so this is for sure gonna be a good twist.

I'm doing this list of vocabulary called "Survival Chinese" 'cause I'm all paranoid about the huge range of awkward situations that my narrow vocabulary could put me in in China. Well, the latest word I added is 的士 (díshí) "taxi". I know it comes from Cantonese, but I had no idea of its existence. It didn't even appeared in my Spanish-Chinese dictionary, so I'm glad I learned it online :)

鳗鱼(Mányú) -- Eel! 

Phrase of the day: 我听不懂 (Wǒ tīng bù dǒng) 

I should have learned this phrase from the start! 

手臂 shou3 bi4 (arm, helper) is the latest word I have learned.. well it was emailed to me via a chinese-word-a-day subscription. Whether or not I will have it memorized is another question.. bad memory here.

I recently learnt the word fèihuà 废话 which means bullshit. Like in English, it's not really that offensive but it's just a little crude. When used properly, it could be very effective ;) 

Today I learned 真, as a part of the phrase 'i am really happy for you' - 我真为你高兴。

That's interesting. I've never heard that one Andy.  I'll have to check out how 为 is used as a preposition.

Just joined StudyMoreChinese! Newest vocab learned... Probably 想不开 (xǐangbùkāi) , as in 别为这些小事想不开。It's such a great phrase that I can't believe we don't have a phrase in English to match it. Maybe the best translation is "can't wrap his head around it" or "can't accept it." 

Hi Rene Ding - that phrase 想不开 (xǐangbùkāi) 'can't wrap his head around it' is great. Where did you learn it? Or have you had a chance to use it real life yet?


Am learning HSK set one on and the introductory chinese set. Also using Rosetta Stone and the FSI recordings. A new word and character for me is ming2 or "bright". I like the idea of it being sun and moon together in the character. I installed sogou for entering chinese characters but found it annoying that I couldn't really understand the interface and was worried about malware etc. So it's hacking my way throught with google translate, dimsum etc and copying and pasting. Anki won't recognise dimsum's fonts yadda yadda here it is....明

Hope yous all havin a good day :)


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