New Members - What is a word that you have learned recently?

This is a topic designed for New Members.

Just add a comment below with a Chinese word that you learned recently. 


"I just had my first class so we learned Ni Hao, hello" or "I listened to a Chinese podcast a few days where I learned Robot 机器人 jī qì rén"

You can use pinyin or characters, whichever is better for your level. If you want to look up the word to make sure you have it right you can use

So what is a word that have you learned recently?

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heh gotta love chinesepod, always full of useful information. thanks for sharing.

Wow! I totally didn't know that.  Thanks for the heads up on that one Alexa!

哈哈,好吧,着确实是个小问题。不过作为一个老外,他们会原谅你的,并给予会心一笑。  :)

Haha, well, it does be a small problem. But as a foreigner, they will forgive you and give a smile with pleasure. :)

I was using Anki the other day and the most interesting flashcard that came up was 肥料 (Féiliào) which means fertilizer, or manure

The other one that struck me was 缝纫机 (Féngrènjī) which is Sewing Machine.  Both words were interesting to me because I figured there wasn't a chance in hell I'd ever hear them but the other day at work a girl used 肥料 so I guess you can never be too sure.  Waiting on sewing machine though... maybe I'll have to lead the conversation there myself

Hey Thomas, that's awesome!  But I've got to ask: why was this girl talking about fertilizer?  I mean, can it be used in different contexts  - like in a crude kind of way?  Just wondering.

Haha, to be honest I don't really know, I do vaguely remember thinking she was comparing something to it but my listening comprehension is really poor so I don't really know what they're talking about ever

No problem Thomas.  I've just never hear that word come up and I thought I might get some mileage out of it. 

I used 缝纫机 almost every day (well, at least every week) when working at a textile company :)

 Well maybe not the newest, but the word I've been stuck with quite a time... Hè'ěrxīnjī  赫尓辛基 (Helsinki). Yeah... I should've learned this long ago, but somehow it has been pain to spell it correctly in pinyin, and talk about correct pronounciation...

Buut now I'm starting to handle it... By writing it every morning to the newspaper's corner :D

luckily for me i got an easy one and it was featured in a chinesepod episode about the Chicago Bulls basketball team;

芝加哥 Zhī jiā gē / Chicago,

I totally remember that episode Brandon!   Actually, what stuck with me from that was 黑社会 hēishèhuì, the mafia or "mob". Do you remember how to say the Bulls?  I thought it was 牛队 niú duì, but I can't remember.

Chicago Bulls



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