New Members - What do you find motivating about Chinese?

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An example:

I find it really motivating when older people get very happy and enthusiastic that you speak some Chinese. Just knowing how much they appreciate the effort makes it easier to keep going.

So... what do you find motivating about learning Chinese? Or why do you study? Or do you have any stories about how you became more motivated to learn?

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I love languages.  I find that Mandarin Chinese is one of the most challenging and useful languages for me, which is a good thing.  I love their music, movies, food, and so much more.  

porque o chines é uma das linguas mais faladas do oriente e do mundo. então eu acho que aprender esta lingua pode abrir muitas portas na comunicação com o povo oriental

I love Chinese not just because it's my first language, but also because of the large amount of information that the Chinese can contain. Every character, word and phrase has its own history and story which can reflect ancient Chinese people's believes and philosophies.
What motivates me is the fact that Mandarin Chinese doesn't have alphabets but symbols and its very interesting finding different ways of learning them.


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