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There are no wrong answers - just add a comment below with the name and a link to the app site or to itunes letting people know what Chinese app you are using the most. Or you can just comment about one that you think is interesting.


"I use Pleco for my phone dictionary the most" or "There's a fun character game called Chinese writer on the ipad"

So what is an app that you use?

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I use Windows Phone 8 and the app that I have been playing uses my phones voice recognition (I needed to install the Chinese voice pack) in order to grade my efforts.  It has been pretty fun and I did buy the upgraded version.

Tawkable Chinese

If you want to practice oral Chinese, I can help u . I'm a native chinese .

You can contact me via QQ (20620344), or skype (named BG6RRN).

I use memrise the most at the moment, by far. Used to be Pleco flashcards, but memrise has pretty much supplanted it. Would definitely appreciate finding ways to supplement the vocab memorization. (memrise @ iphone or @ ipad)

I have used other things, but also find Memrise one of the best.

This app is pretty good for learning but I quickly found myself pulling it out and using the 'speaking' method to get my message across - Chinese by Codegent

That was for when I was in China for 6 months. Now i'm planning to go back and actually try and learn some Chinese as of now. One i've found quite good for basic characters is called Writer by trainchinese (iphone -- ipad)

Characters scroll down the screen and you must draw them before they reach the bottom. Teaches you the basic way to write characters as well as how to pronounce them and their significance.

Great thread to have going!

In addition to my weekly Chinese course I use Pleco, trainchinese -writer and -audio trainer & Memrise.

trainchinese - writer - (iphone -- ipad)

trainchinese - audio - (iphone -- ipad)

memrise (iphone -- ipad)

If you want to practice oral Chinese, I can help u . I'm a native chinese .

You can contact me via QQ (20620344), or skype (named BG6RRN).

I use Pleco as well. I also use Google translator a lot. Those are really my two main resources. 

take a look at mine(I changed the display language in English)

“象”: Chinese Chess

Youku 优酷: Chinese version of Youtube

K酷狗音乐: p2p music sharing platform(have better luck than napster, I guess)

Wechat is an IM like app(very popular in China now), you can log in usiing your phone number or QQ(Chinese version of ICQ) number.

迅雷: literally means (download rate)fast like thunder, basically everyone uses it



There's a fun vocabulary character mahjong game called (unoriginally) Learn Chinese Language Mahjong (Android -- iPad / iPhone  You match the character with the picture and clear the board quicker and quicker.

Hmm, in the china, i like to use Momo, it seems like WeChat, but wechat is not more than,Website:, you can find who's around you and contract it, I chose it because you can send a voice or recording a video and send your message in message board, all the users will see that then post a reply, you can learn chinese more from here! Momo on iphone

Trainchinese in my smartphone for translation.

I use it every day.

trainchinese - writer - (iphone -- ipad)

trainchinese - audio - (iphone -- ipad)


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