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An example:

I studied for 1.5 years already and I will probably study for 2 more years because I want to be able to use Chinese in a casual work setting. I don't see myself taking any formal tests as I'm more interested in speaking fluidly rather than knowing lots of non-frequent words.

So... how long do you think you will study Chinese? And why that long?

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i have studied on and off for what seems like forever. i am planning to move to Shanghai and start a new career as a stand - up comedian. so i will study as long as it takes to get a laugh in Chinese.

Hi! I started studying Chinese 2 months ago with a couple of friends of mine. We are all college students - in few years we'll be graduating in Business and Management. Why Chinese? Well...of course we all know that this is indeed the "language of the future", expecially for somebody like me who's studying Business. But actually me and my friends got inspired from one of our teacher: she's a very classy, important business woman from Milan leading an important Italian group... When we asked her some advices on how to make a good carreer in the Italian market, this was her answer: study hard, work hard and... learn Chinese, Arabic and Russian. 
We weren't taking that advice so seriously in the beginning...but then the idea of studying Chinese seemed both an intelligent and funny choice to us. We've started taking private lessons, and now we're becoming more and more interested in this charming language! I am! I found this blog and I hope it will help me improve my Chinesed (poor, for now!) knowleges! ;)

I've been studying mandarin for a year in theory. It's only part-time studying which is once per week, so i'm still a beginning. I'll probably keep studying for a few more years depending on how fast i progress until I can feel i'm fluent enough to talk and read. 

I am a professor of English education, and I  have been doing various projects in China since 2006,  I have taken Chinese lessons, and I've made some headway with the language, but I'm still an upper beginner.  My goal is to communicate more effectively when I'm in China.  I imagine I will continue studying Chinese for many more years.  

My ultimate goal is to study Chinese for the rest of my life and to make it as decent as my English. This level of fluency requires that I be able to read most books/novels without problems, being able to discuss philosophy and abstract ideas with others, and being able to write an essay or story. So far, I have been studying for almost 3 years and I can easily converse with others on daily topics. However, for now, my goal is to be able to read and write the most basic 800 characters (based off of a textbook I'm using). This is because I find learning the characters to be the most demanding task of this language. Recently, I have also created a mini mission in which I plan to travel to china in about 4 months and that I shall use these months to make my Chinese as fluent as possible with the trip being a grand test of what I have learned so far. I am monitoring my progress by writing weekly schedules which focus on different language activities (eg listening, speaking, reading, and writing) that are practised daily and are rotated when each week ends. This mission has started on the 1st of February (this year). 

Sorry this reply is so long....I just hope to use this site to it's full potential and I am super excited to learn and befriend others who have a love of Chinese! ----David J 

I started about 6 months ago. I became good friends with a Chinese national, who took some time showing me his culture.  I probably will study it for the rest of my life. I started formally, later,  by taking a very short course on Hanzi and i got hooked!!   i'm fascinated by Chinese writing, calligraphy and now culture. i'm seriously waging to go live there for a few years in order to become better at understanding all of the above.

I started studying chinese 2 years ago. I study it by myself so i bought some books with chinese lessons and i have some chinese friends that help me. I think i will study chinese until i'll be able to speak fluently. I would like to go and live in china, it would be easier for me to learn
I've studied for Wu nian danshi wo bu zhidao much I will and quite happily study for many years to come
I don't think I'll stop learning Mandarin it's both challenging and interesting

yes it is :) do agree

well i think i made my mind about that and i'm gonna study Chinese for my all life .

i like it

it's damn hard , but i like it and will study until my death time ,:)

thank you every body

i hope to make good friends here

and by the way 我叫 茉莉

I started learning to speak Chinese about six years ago, and am perhaps a low intermediate speaker. Also, recently started learning the characters, I am up to about 50 characters and am using "Basic Written Chinese" which is a great was to learn especially since I am already familiar speaking  most of the words. 


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