Is anyone interested in writing reviews for Chinese ipad apps?

I'm looking to build a mini-section of the site filled with reviews & evaluations for ipad apps & iphone apps.

I would be willing to pay for the popular apps for you (within reason) if you want to try some new ones in exchange for writing a review.

They could be teaching, flashcards, dictionary, reference, games etc - anything to do with Chinese.

Comment below and email me if you're interested. Thanks!

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Hi, yes, I would be interested! I've been trying to find good Chinese language apps myself. I have an iPhone and iPad.

how about android? recently I downloaded one app for android.

Count me in for some kids apps.


This sounds like a job for me!  I have an iPad and an iPod. I have also used them both for my Chinese studies. Also I have a Nexus 7 (Android Tablet) so I can review the Android Chinese Learning Apps too. Did you know that Google Chrome has a huge range of Apps too?  I have been using them too for writing Chinese and submitting work to my university. 

Also I am in a unique position to have just under three months for private self-directed Chinese language study. University is in recess and I am a 'Lord of Learning Leisure'. 

Finally here is a 'Killer Fact' that you don't know about me. I have a Graduate Diploma in Education Information Technology (Education) and a Master of Education in Information Technology (Education).

So I would be happy to review on a very regular basis a variety of Apps across platforms.  I think it is something I would really enjoy.  Sharing is caring. 

Cheers  乔纳森

This is great all, thanks. Including android & google works, sure, although i'm not sure how to pay for those. itunes gift app feature works well for iphone/ipad.

How should this work? Do you all have an app or two in mind? Or do you want me to suggest some?

Just let me know which ones you want to do then I'll keep a list so we don't duplicate one-another.

Then I'll come up with a general format for review (or you can suggest).

Overall rating (1- 10)

Best feature

Worst feature

What you wish it had

Which levels is it best for? (kids, beginners, intermediate)

What is it good for? (vocab, lessons, grammar)

Short summary of how it works with screenshots or video.

Anything else?

I would like to review Skritter for iPhone / iPad App.  I have used it since day one of it's release and use it on a daily basis.

Paper 53 is the best drawing / painting App I have ever found.  I use it to handwrite hanzi. Have written essays and done exercises from my texts.   I have tried a lot of others and this one is the superior product. This is for the iPad. 

Brandon I do like your format.  I think it covers all that needs to be reviewed.  

As I already have these Apps perhaps you can give me a credit for Apple iTunes, which I shall use to buy more Chinese learning Apps!  Wait until I review enough so you can buy me some small credit voucher. 

How does this sound? Does this fit in with your idea for reviews. 

When shall I start the reviews? Now?

Cheers 乔纳森

Hey Jono - that sounds good. Yeah you can get started now if you like. Would be happy to give credit assuming their like most apps, just a few bucks. They're not like 50 dollar apps or anything right? 

Sounds interesting~  I'm very interested!

I think the format is perfect.  Should we work with a template or just make the docs on our own?

ok, I can write a review of Decipher Chinese Reader app. as I said before it is an android application and allows you browsing through Chinese articles.


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