There is an old tale involving somebody lending somebody else a gold brick when they were in trouble, and the security of the gold getting them over a period of worry.


Then later it turns out that it wasn't really gold.  The moral of the tale is that the confidence, rather than the gold, is what counts.


I wonder if anybody can give me a reference to its origina in Chinese.  Ideally I'd like a YouTube of it, but just the Chinese text would be good.


Thanks in davance,



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I have not yet found that story but here is another about gold that is on Youtube ( in written English ),    

and here is a Youtube story in Chinese about turning a stone into gold:

It is titled   "Chinese Idiom Stories - Turn a Stone into Gold  点石成金"        

The Chinese story "A glass of pure water" ( Chinese and English subtitles ) is also good:     

A link to what some say are the "real" gold bricks used in the streets near palaces:     


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