Looking for a software to look up and listen to Chinese example sentences

Hi, I'm looking for a software to learn Chinese easier. I wonder if there is one where I can type in a Chinese word (from the HSK list for example) and I can then listen to example sentences containing that word spoken by native speakers. Does a software already exist? If possible for free. Or is anyone who has the ability to create one interested in creating one This software would be a great help to remember words easier. 

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Thank you for your replies. Maybe, I haven't been clear enough. I didn't mean single words that we can listen to, but examples sentences spoken by native speakers.

hey Majiya -

check out http://www.nciku.com/ - they have tons of sentence examples there and often you can find audio clips. it might be useful for you.

when searching, select 'examples' then click small audio icons to play.

Pleco dictionary does this.   It also has an (optional) optical character reader which uses the camera on your phone to scan and look up a Chinese character you may not know.   It's invaluable IMHO.  I have the iPhone version but I believe it's also available on Android.

Pleco Chinese Dictionary iphone

Pleco Chinese Dictionary ipad 


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