What seems more appropriate in a letter of Intrdoction to a CEO and Film producer in Beijing?

1. 我写中国美国小说剧本



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1. 我写中国的美国小说和剧本。
2. 我谁写中国的美国小说和剧本的作者。
这两句都不合适。(None of the two sentences above is appropriate.)
中国人也看不懂这两句话。(Native Chinese speakers couldn't understand what you said, indeed.)

Do you want to say:

1、我是那部写有关中国的小说和剧本的美国作者。(I'm the American author who wrote that novel and play about China.)

2、我是用中文写那本美国小说和剧本的作者。I'm the author of that novel and play in Chinese about the America .

3、我用中文写美国小说和剧本。I wrote the novel and play about the America in Chinese.


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