Hi SMC people. I've reached a HSK2 level of vocabulary thanks to memrise (I couldn't have kept going in chinese without the guaranteed progress that memrise offers, even if it's just learning assorted characters), now I'm trying  read chinese articles. But could someone explain the following characters?

就 jiù

相 xiang (was originally told it meant 'examine')

May add more chars as I find them.

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Each of the two words has different meanings in different contexts. 就 usually means "then, so, just, only ..." such as 那就好(then it is good/if that's the case, it is good), 就好像 (it is just like...), 他就是 (he IS ...), 就这样 (as a result...), 就是 !(You are right!), 我就会唱一首歌(I only know how to sing one song.); or meaning "very soon" such as 我马上就去(I'll get going right away), 很快就完成(will finish soon)。In either case, the word 就 can be grammatically omitted. In other words, 就 is a word used to emphasize a situation or tone. Sometimes, 就着+something means" together, with something", such as 他就着水把药吃了下去(He took the pill with water), (吃)饺子就酒 (eat dumplings with alcohol )。就餐 is a formal and polite way of saying dining, such as 请去二楼餐厅就餐(Please dine at the dining room on the second floor.)。

As of 相, it can mean to examine, as in 相面 (fortune telling by looking at someone's face), 相亲(blind date)。互相 means to each other, such as 互相帮助 (help each other)。 In many other cases, 相 means someone's looks, such as 面相 (facial looks/features), 照相机 camera, 相片 photo。

Thanks a lot, that was comprehensive.

as of 没有“相”的意思吧?

相亲 就是“date” ,  请去掉blind,否则外国朋友不好理解。

我没有说 as of 是相的意思, 我是说“至于相这个字”。另外,我不同意你的观点, date 就是约会,不是相亲。


blind date 的含义偏差有点大。因为blind在这里使其含有“第三方”安排的含义。所以,我个人认为应该有个什么其他更合适的词放在date前。


  • 柯林斯高阶英汉词典
  • 1.N-COUNT盲目约会;(由第三方安排的)男女初次约会A blind date is an arrangement made for you to spend a romantic evening with someone you have never met before.

as of 我只知道有“截止到、自从”的含义,我不知道是否含有”至于“的意思。你能确定吗?





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