One of the best ways to study Chinese is to use Chinese. The Daily Question is open to all ability levels and gives you a quick and easy way practice your skills.  Let’s take a look at today’s question.  Post your answer in the comments below.  

Nǐ xǐhuan tángguǒ háishì qiǎokèlì?
Do you prefer candy or chocolate?

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Typing Chinese characters on a Mac
Typing Chinese characters on    Windows (PC)

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 Yǒu shíhou, wǒ chī qiǎokèlì. Yǒu shíhou, wǒ bù chī qiǎokèlì. Dànshì, suǒyǒu de shíjiān, wǒ chī tángguǒ.

 Sometimes I eat chocolate. Sometimes, I do not eat chocolate. However, all of the time, I eat candy.

不论你爱吃糖还是巧克力,牙医生肯定很高兴。bu lun ni ai chi tang hai shi qiao ke li, ya yi sheng ken ding hen gao xing. Either way, you love candy or chocolate, The Dentist will certainly be happy.


 Wǒ xǐhuan de tángguǒ, dàn wǒ zuì ài piàoliang de nǚhái. 

 I like candy, but I most love beautiful girls. 

男人多一样。 中国的 '养眼' 很多



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