i need two chinese sentences containing each of the following expressions

Can someone give me one or two examples of sentences in chinese  for each of the folowing expression?

1. 被雷到了。 好雷人啊!

2. 引线短



5 .伤钱包

Thank you very much!

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被雷到了 means be shorked.

伤钱包 means cost much money.

"Shorked"  Now there's a word the English language has needed at least as far back as Faraday.



Now that is what I call a really intelligent question!

This is a wee bit ahead of where my Chinese is right now -- which means it's just the right sort of thing for me.  I hope it continues as a thread.


Orni Taub,


I was fascinated by your list, both because it struck me as an intelligent question and because it was an interesting choice of phrases.

Now, after spending half an hour with both nciku and Baidu, both excellent search engines, I am amazed: no hits!

I think that both Qin Sheng's suggestions above are sound, but neither one turned up in my searches: my guess is they are very up-to-date usages.

What are you reading?  Where are these from?


thanks for your efforts to help me. i really don't remember where i saw these expressions.
i am an internet seeker.i am interested in the chinese laNGUAGE SO I SEARCH FOR EVERY PEACE OF KNOWLEGDE.so this way i reach every intereting thing exsists in the internet. well,almost..haha.


I think that your "PEACE OF KNOWLEGDE" is the nicest typographical error I've seen this week.  :-)

The "peace" part was nice enough, but the idea that knowledge has legs is nice, too.  A twofer!

The thing I found interesting about your samples was that dictionaries seem to show all the pieces but none of the wholes.  (Take this with a grain of salt: my Chinese is still amateur, so this is an intermediate learner's thought...)  I found enough to think that Qin Sheng's advice above is almost certainly sound, but I never found the entry itself -- and similarly for several of your other examples that I ran through search engines.

I'm guessing this means you are reading young, modern and maybe hip sources -- but this is only a guess.  Maybe you can try the Baidu and Youqu search engines, and let us know what you are finding about how fast young people's Chinese is evolving.





Let me explain it for u:

雷 is thunder, if 雷 used as a verb, it means shock so, u can understand. Using 雷 as verb was originate from cyberculture.


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