I've been learning Chinese for a while and I have seen 被 bèi being thrown around a lot. I understand its some sort of particle that goes in the sentence and does something. But thats about it XD.
Can someone please help me with how its supposed to be used and some examples too.
Thanks very much :)

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Let me give you a example:

Eng: The show attracts me

Chi: 这个节目吸引了我

Another form of the express known as  “passive voice”  in English , we name it "被动句" in Chinese, for example:

Eng: I am attracted by the show

Chi: 我被这个节目吸引了

Clear? Good luck


I find 被 is kind of like "by" in English, like "he was caught *by* the police".  Except it's more like "he by police caught".  The example of "attracts"/"am attracted" is excatly what my chinese teacher gave me at first but I found it hard to understand because the meaning is so similar. 

Also, 被 indicates passive so it is often associated with bad things happening - things getting caught, eaten, destroyed, confiscated, discovered etc.  Stuff that happens to you (or to someone). 

It's worth learning 把 at the same time if you don't already know it.

Yes that's also what I have learned, that it is mostly used with something negative or unfortunate

Good explanation and examples of Mandarin passive voice using bèi and other markers:



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