Hi, I just wonder how to say to a Chinese man that he is a sweet in Chinese. Anybody there who could help me out?

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 Nǐ shì zhèyàng yīgè kě'ài de yīngjùn shēnshì.

 You are such a lovely handsome gentleman.

  but my wife thinks the lovely (nice) is "too much" and would say


 Nǐ shì zhèyàng yīgè yīngjùn de shēnshì.

 You are such a handsome gentleman.

    My wife, who is a grandmother, does not think women should say "sweet" to a man as done here:


Nǐ shì rúcǐ de tiánměi.

 You are so sweet

Thank you, I guess Chinese women do not address their men as something like "sweet", even though some can be very sweet. The most expressions I have come across just don't hit the nail.

If I need to say that he is sweet to him in person. I will just simply say,

你真好!  :)

If I tell another person that he is sweet. I will say,


Thanks for your help.


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