Photos don't have to be educational.  If you are living / traveling in China, we encourage you to share your photos.  If you come across Chinglish or interesting signs, we also encourage you to share those.  Here's how.


1) On any photo page, you can click +Add to start adding a photo.  Click here to add a photo.

2) Click on the center of this page to add from your computer.  You can also add by Flirck or email if you use the options lower down on the page.


3) Find the photo on your computer and then hit okay.  

4) You will then see this screen where you can add more (bottom left) or upload photo (bottom right).  Click 'upload' to continue.

5) Add an image title and description.  You can add html code to the description if you want to control formatting. Add characters, questions, translations or your comments about the photo - where & when it was taken etc.

6) After you're done editing the description, scroll down the page and click 'Save' to finish adding a photo.


Next step:

Submitting Ideas for new topics

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