This question is for learners. I'm curious to know how do you practice your speaking language while alone (with no partner to talk to)?

The question applies to mandarin, cantonese, or any other languages:

What kind of methodology you use?

What type of materials you like to practice on?

Did you use any special tools to help?

Did you accomplish a lot through the method you used?

What difficulty you're facing while practice speaking on your own?

I found a very effective method that worked very well for me while I was learning English. I shared it here on my blog:

But I'm always wondering what method other people are using. I'd appreciate if you can share yours, thanks!


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I love  these questions actually!

Well, I really fun of learning Chinese Mandarin alone. In fact, I started during my grade school but I found hard cause I only  knew several words but not accurate accent and some of the words are came from my Uncle who is a Chinese too but he Speaks Cantonese.

So now, I keep on learning even I have no time to give fully focus. That's why I am very thankful for my trusted sites that I visited always for my "learning state" it really helps. For some sort of difficulties, well... maybe in constructing grammar (a little) hard for me and the writings :) but the eagerness and enjoyment are still there.

I used YouTube for the shared Videos, and This specifically also I have my QQ to talk with some other Chinese citizens. Well I can say I can do this with myself esp. I very love of being a Half Chinese.

So far... I learned allot . Thanks SMC.. love yeah!

Wo ai ni... Xiexie ni :)

Hi Kenj,

Thanks for your feedback! It's good to know that you're not only good at finding ways to learn mandarin on your own but also enjoy the learning time alone! Isn't that a truth that where your interests lie, where  you progress fast? 

Hope you can keep your learning spirits high and have more fun in your future study!



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