How do you make Chinese part of your real life? Or part of your daily habit?

Just an open question to share study strategy tips related to making Chinese part of your 'real life'.

For example, if you put stickers or post-it notes with Chinese characters all over your apartment, that would be an example of forcing the language into your real life. Or only reading Chinese books before bed instead of your native language.

Or how did you go about making successful study habits?  It's easy to start by saying 1 hour everyday, but how did it become a more permanent habit as part of your routine?

These are just examples - let me know what you think has worked well for you in the comments.

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I found a language exchange partner on Skype 8 months ago and we have been chatting twice a week ever since, without fail.  My new Taiwanese friend wants to learn French so we chat 30 minutes in French and 30 minutes in Mandarin.  Our talks are not structured, but I do look up and learn the vocabulary I need to talk about a particular topic beforehand.  I am very lucky because I couldn't have found a better partner.  She is so patient!  This experience has been the most helpful for me because I am starting to feel comfortable speaking the language.  However, I wish I were more disciplined about learning the grammar and Hanzi by myself.  I will be starting a Mandarin course online next week, so this should help. 

i put posters up at my university offering language exchange and friendship to native Chinese speakers learning English. I've basically ditched my white friends...need to get back in touch!


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