If you travel or do business in China, how do you book the air ticket and train ticket?

A. Through Internet    网上订票

B. Travel Agency      旅行社

C. Hotel              酒店

D. Ticket counter        售票点

E. At the airport, train station      机场,火车站

Which one do you prefer and why?  Tell us more about your experience please. :)

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For flights, I usually use A - internet. ctrip.com usually. 

Most people that I know buy train tickets at the station itself.

Thanks Brandon for your reply.  I like using Internet too.  Based on my experience, I think I will need to provide my cell phone information to complete the ticketing procedure on Internet.  If a foreigner just want to travel in China for a period of time, like three or four weeks, and he wants to buy air ticket. I am not sure the cell-phone number provided by a foreign company can do the ticketing in China like I did before. Do you have some good suggestions?

Hmm... I'm not sure, I've never tried.  But like Gen says below, I'm sure it's pretty common to have a foreign telephone number.  

You probably won't get notifications or be able to use your phone to check in but as long as the email address & passport are valid, it shouldn't be a problem to travel once you're here.

Good luck & enjoy the trip.

I normally use internet booking as well as for B, C, D, E is going to be around $50+ to $200 more expensive for flights.

I only go to the counter when it's urgent :P

and I provide the telephone number as well even it's foreign numbers, I'm pretty sure it's possible to do so with any airlines :)

Good to know that. Thanks Gen :)

Hey I just read your profile. Since you are native speaker, it'll be much easier to recommend.

I only use A&E, because no extra fee and quite easy.

For domestic airline:  http://www.qunar.com/

For international airline:  http://www.tianxun.cn/

For railway: D&E. If you are in Shanghai, you can also try: http://www.12306.cn/mormhweb/   Require IE, and they only have fast train tickets.

 Thank you Seraph for your nice information. Actually, I posted this discussion for my students. They are wondering how to book ticket if they want to travel in China someday. 

Your reply will be very helpful for both my students and me. 

Thanks! :)


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