I change up my mobile wallpaper a lot, especially if there's a holiday around the corner then i'll choose something with a holiday theme to keep me in the mood every time i unlock the phone.

I'm always open and aware of new opportunities to make learning 中文 fun, so i modified a holiday themed image, then found the hanzi for 'Merry Christmas' and printed that onto the image. Voila! (btw, what is the Chinese equivalent for 'voila'?). Now i can imprint this hanzi in my memory while enjoying the holiday theme :)

I'm attaching smaller versions of an image here. 

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I appreciate the holiday spirit in which this is offered--thank you. As always, I was excited to open up this week's email from Study More Chinese, and was excited to read about all the holiday-themed posts. However, as a female language learner I was dismayed to click through to this image. It makes me feel as though this community isn't as considerate or respectful to women, which is surely not the case. Share such images privately if you must, but please don't advertise them in an email to all members, unless you want to give women the impression that this site is for boys only.

In hindsight i should have chosen a different image, thank you for the constructive feedback. I've removed the Christmas anime picture. 

But what was the old image!? So suspenseful~


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