Help with my senior thesis! How Computers and the internet have changed the Chinese language - slang, 'chatspeak,' character input, and internet memes?

Hello fellow Chinese learners and speakers,


I have just begun my senior year of college and I'll be getting my BA in Chinese. I'm working on a senior thesis project this year and I was hoping that the wonderful community here on Study More Chinese might be able to help. The topic of my thesis is the ways in which computers and the internet have changed the Chinese language, particularly in terms of slang, 'chatspeak,' character input, and internet memes. So far I've come across a lot of examples of interesting new language use ranging from simple abbreviation of pinyin (GG to represent 哥哥 gege, older brother) to the use of numbers to represent sounds and therefore characters (521 meaning 我爱你 wo ai ni, I love you). There is also the case of using one character to represent another which may be banned by government censors or simply not included in the character input index (草泥 cao ni used to represent an obscenity).


I'm curious to look at how the use of homophones, whether in substituting numbers or different characters, generates new language use as well as the effects that English has had on modern Chinese language.


Any input is greatly appreciated and if any of you know of examples of this sort of language use, or books, websites, articles that I could use, please let me know!






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Hi Joelle - 


If you haven't already, I would check out China Smack.  It's a really interesting site that basically just pulls out trending web topics in China & translates the story + comments /sentiment.  They might have a lot of useful examples for you to discuss.

I discussed their interesting 'internet terms in China' glossary here.


Good luck. 

I can recommend you this book, if you want I can even send it to you in pdf.

Let me know in PM your email address.



I Also reccomend you this to papers by David Moser

You can also download for free this document here:

Covert Sexism in Mandarin Chinese



Some Things Chinese Characters Can't Do-Be-Do-Be-Do (David Moser)





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