Hi folks,

I am a native English speaker even if Taiwan never recognised me as such as I am from Singapore, a country deemed not to be of the class of native English speakers. But that is life.
When I first came and lived in Taiwan in 1990, I could not even utter a quarter coherent sentence in Chinese and Chinese seemed to be an impenetrable language to me notwithstanding I am Chinese.
In my family, via legacy of the old British Empire, we all conversed in English. That was the case in school and with all my friends as well.

Then I got to pick up Chinese in Taiwan from the shops and from the road side pavements. To a point when I realised I spoke chinese in my dreams, and could hold chinese conversations with a friend while simultaneously eavesdropping on 2 other conversations beside me, I thought I crossed the barrier. That was about 3-4 months after I started.

I am in this taoist forum where we do what we do best, to talk and talk and talk.
I called myself in there as the Idiotic Taoist or Taoistic Idiot, a handle that I used from even before the days of Internet and the world hobbling about on Bitnet.
Especially since all around and about me are experts and gurus and wisemen, I thought being the idiot suit me fine so I can jump in where angels fear to tread and ask away if that's the Emperors cloths or if he is stark nekkid.

And in that forum is this interest in Chinese language. With threads after threads on how to learn Chinese. Which kind of upset me as I felt that they were all going the wrong way.
Which might be the right way if one chose to want to learn Chinese.

So I started another thread on getting into Chinese the way I did, and the way I continued on even just 6 weeks back after I decided to retire myself and came back into Singapore from Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
So if you want to learn chinese, I think enough threads here and everywhere with pearls scattered to help you to do that.
To get into Chinese and maybe even speak Chinese when you are sleeping and dreaming might need an approach similar to mine.

I walked that walk and not just talk the talk.

After writing what I did, and for folks who might not even want to get into Chinese, I thought what I wrote might actually be more meaningful for folks who might really want to get into Chinese and not just in that Taoist forum
Such as all you folks here that I found after a brief google search.

You might find out many things that you do not know of hanyu pinyin and jiantiji and which might just shock the hell out of you.
You might find what I wrote to be laughable and totally useless deserving of :roflmao:

And you might just like what I wrote and decide the path I was on, and currently back on again, might be your best path of getting into Chinese language, past the chinese barrier , and into the mindset of chinese itself

so folks, click and take a peek into

 The Idiotic Taoist way of getting into Chinese


And feel free to send that on to your friends who might want to get into chinese or that you think might like some laughter in their lives

山 龍
Mountain Dragon


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