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Hi My name is Chris and I'm from Beijing. I am studying business in New York and would be interested in exchanging Mandarin for English or French. I'm personally interested in business vocabulary and I also play in a band so would also enjoy talking about music. And of course travel is always of interest. I can provide recommendations about China travel as well.  I would be open to skype wechat or qq. Please get in touch.

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Hi, my name is David, I'm from Tianjin. I'm a graduate student at University of Maryland. I'm interested in exchanging language, and I don't mind if your first language is not English as long as we can communicate in English. Of course, I will try to help you learn Chinese and help you understand some interesting Chinese phrases. Beside, I'm a basketball fanatic and I also love other sports. If you are interested in, please leave me a message.

Hi, I am a Hungarian in Miskolc, which is a small city at eastnorthern Hungary. My native language is hungarian. I work at Wanhua-BorsodChem corporation in the chemical industry. I'd like to improve my chinese vocabulary about organic chemistry and chemical industry. 

My interest besides chemical industry is rock music of 60-70's, natural science, and Chinese culture.

I don't hang on chat (skype, google, facebook etc.) because I have very little time. I would like to communicate rather by this website or via e-mail.

Sorry for my imperfect English.

Hello, glad to see you. I will be more than happy if I can help you on your Chinese in chemical industry, though chemistry was one of the subjects I didn't learn well during my high school stage. If you have any questions interns of characters or grammars during daily conversation or professional usage, please feel free to leave a message to me, I'll try my best to help you out. Again, happy to know you.


Excuse me that I replied so late. I recive your offer with glad. I don't think, that I would know so much about chemistry, that your knowledge wouldn't be enough to help me. I have no graduate at university or high school. I am a techichian operator in a chemical plant. (producing MDI, poliurethan raw material). I don't want to disturb you continously, that "how to say in Chinese this or that". Rather I like to know how to get on the Internet english-chinese dictionaries about technology and technical sciences. Of course it's good to know, that there is a helpful person at the other side of Earth. 

Thank You very much for your help forward:


Hey Janos,

Nice to hear from you! Although I don't know you much, I can tell that you are a curious and hardworking guy, I mean it's always nice to have the motivation to learn something completely new.

As for the dictionaries you asked, I really don't know many of them because I don't have to use them from time to time in daily life instead I know English dictionaries much. But I will be more than willing to help you out if you have any questions, I'll take it as a English Learning process. It really doesn't bother me at all. But it might take sometime for me to react. It's my pleasure to help you, I wish you all good.


I need a language partner :)

My name is Anjari I'm from Indonesia and I'm learning Chinese for my BA degree.

Ok, if I can help. My Skype ID is yindavid724747, we can talk there.

Really nice too bad I don't use Skype that much, hope you can share your email address ;)

My email address is

Nice to see you, I am Ajel from China, may we can be a friends for learning Language..

My emial is

Hi , this is Ajel, From Hunan, and graduated from Hunan City university. I am interested in exchanging language, i am native chinese, we can share problem when study in learning chinese.


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