Does anyone know where we can watch free dowload movie on the net?


Have you ever watched Chinese movie through free download on the net? If so,  could you please tell us  some good sites? Thanks!!!

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Well, I usually go to to watch online movies and dramas. They have chinese and some other asians movies too. Check it out. See if it can help you. =]

Yes, Indira,

thank you a lot:) I went on the site and it is great!  You should watch this. They said it is good.

Thank you ....



Is that a website or  acronym?

Hi LaoXiang,

Thank you for the info, I will check them out. Have a good week to you:)

I do go to

but I download a lot of movies from though it´s now blocked, haha

Thank you Teacher Gen :) I will check them out.  I like your golden hair!

For Asian movies, is amazing. I have found some very interesting Chinese movies and TV series on there- everything from very old and obscure stuff to recent blockbusters. 

 One of my readers asked me about the movie - you are the apple of my eye with English subtitle, and I was not able to find it. I was happy to see it on that site you mentioned. Thank you very much for the link, it is very very nice.

Great! Glad you found it. Did you manage to download it? That site has some very high quality files of many movies and TV shows- look great if you hook your computer up to the TV. 

Another similar site is - This site tends to share the whole disks so the files are a bit bigger. 

Hi Alan,

I did try to see the movie a few times, but my internet is pretty slow, and it got stuck at the middle of downloading. The site looks pretty neat, I will try again:) Thank you very much for sharing, and wish you a great weekend.


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