Does anyone know some chinese/japanese dictionary apps for computer?

Hello there, I am looking for some apps I can use on my computer to study Hanzi and Kanji. Does anyone know some text recognizers or things like that, to practice them on my laptop? The thing is I have onlone, but I want them also offline, because I don't have that much internet.

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hi - it might be easier to find apps for your phone that work offline as well. there are quite a few chinese language learning apps listed in this previous discussion that might help:


On my desktop PC I use Arc Chinese which is available for mobile platform either.

On smartphone besides I use Pleco. This can recognize handwriting too.

Booth of them are very sophisticated and versatile, still easy to operate.

However if You wantt to study and drill only the caracters writing a very good ap is 跟我学写汉字.

It has no English menu system, but it's very easy to find out how to works.


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