I saw a lot of teaching videos on YouTube. There are various Chinese online lessons. Do you also learn from videos? How effective are these? Which one are you following?

Thank you!

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Chinese with mike, learn Chinese now, growing up Chinese, travel in Chinese, etc

Thank you!

Not taking them seriously except it gives a series of lessons.

Youku is the local Chinese vedio serching platform in which you'd also get a chance to follow an original course.


Chinese with Mike is very good, but I've only watched a handful of them.  I also follow Peggy Teaches Chinese and Learn Chinese with Emma on Youtube and have experimented with FluentU off and on since they launched the site.  CCTV also has some good resources at the Learn Chinese section of their site.  I've watched quite a few of their Happy Chinese series.

How effective any of these are really depends on how you like to study.  I end up using podcasts more than video simply because video doesn't work in some of the scenarios where I have time to study (running, lawn mowing, etc.).  That said, being an extremely visual learning, a video that shows text and an image to associate with new vocabulary makes retaining the vocabulary extremely easy for me.  I have to work much harder to retain vocabulary from a podcast.

Hi Jason,

I am also an extremely visual when it comes to retaining and recalling information so I know what you mean. Have you see or heard of SexyMandarin for learning Chinese? They have a few videos on Youtube as well. The videos are a little different than Chinese with Mike but I think they are helpful.

So Chinese with Mike and Sexy Mandarin aren't one in the same????

Haha, lets hope Mike keeps teaching the way he does. I'm not sure if I want that garage to become a garage of seductive Chinese.

I`ll have a look. Thank you for your recommendation.


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