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你是用 Mac(苹果电脑)还是一般的电脑?
Nǐ shì yòng Mac(píngguǒ diànnǎo) háishì yībān de diànnǎo (PC)?
Do you use a Mac or a PC?

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我是用 MacBook Pro.

To "use", isn't that 施用?

Okay, not too good yet so probably mistakes but lets try:

我施用i-苹果电脑 (iMac :).

I use an iMac.

我以前所有一台苹果电脑加号(Mac plus)。

A long time ago I have had a Mac plus.

Hey Mats Fredholm,

很好的问题!Good question about 施用.  Here is what one of our local experts, Seraph Ching, had to say about it:

"use is 用

And if you put "use" in a sentence, depends on the sentence to see how to translate it.

But 是用 is not a word, it can be part of a sentence.

Ex. Do you use chopsticks to eat? 你是用筷子吃饭的吗?

施用 is use/apply, but it's a very rare word. It can be used in some professional essays."

我没有见过你们说的 “施用” 但是经常用 “使用” 。 你们觉得用“使用”如何呢?

我用的电脑是个笔记本。 我以前用的品牌是Toshiba (东芝)但是出了问题, 现在用的是索尼(Sony)

Hey Sikora, 你这个问题不会是因为QT没有苹果版本吧?  哈哈


哈哈哈!不是, 不是!但是我还想试试那个东西!

For Mats' two sentences:

我施用i-苹果电脑 (iMac :).

I use an iMac.

我以前所有一台苹果电脑加号(Mac plus)。

A long time ago I have had a Mac plus.

His 施用 probably just a typo of 使用,which is a common phrase means use.

Mats, for your second sentence,

我以前所有一台苹果电脑加号(Mac plus)。

Just changed 所有 to 拥有, which means possess or own.

Keep up the learning spirit and have a good day.

Ah sorry, yes mistake, I meant 使用, that's what I have been studying in Skritter but really not put into practise until now haha.

不好意思 :)


Hi Mats, it is OK, I made typo and mistakes sometimes too. Your sentence structure is very good, no problems at all:)  You are doing very well. 你写得非常好!




Shénme páizi de?

What brand/kind?

品牌是華碩. 它有一個英特爾四核主板.


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