i am interested in a list of the most commonly currently used chinese slangs with one example  or two for each.
thank you very much

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Here is some Cantonese slang.  Some have migrated to Mandarin and English also.


There are many posts of Mandarin slang and even a few books,  Here is one I use ( click on Chinese to see English ):


Here is some Beijing phrases:


And some more :



My cousin was explaining it to me and couldn't really think of a good synonym besides "cool!"  so he said "if Kobe Bryant does a cool dunk, people would say "wow so 厉害!“ And if you're texting with someone, 555555 sounded out phonetically is a soun, used to portray a feeling of unhappiness or feeling down.

Sentence using cool and awesome I do not understand 100%.


  Zánmen dōu bù wàng yòng yīngwén de biǎodá lái jìnxíng “kù bìle, shuài dāile”.

  Let's not forget the expression in English for "cool, awesome."


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