Could be the Chinese character writing replaced by pinyin in the future as well as the language of Vietnam?

Could be the Chinese character writing replaced by pinyin in the future as well as the language of Vietnam?


(Néng bùnéng hànzì jiānglái huàn chéng pīnyīn, yīyàng yuènán yǔ?)

Please give your comments (^_^)

请给您的意见 (^_^)

(Qǐng gěi nín de yìjiàn)

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This is not a correct Chinese sectence. Maybe translate as below is more correct.

1. 汉字将来会被拼音取代吗?就像越南语一样。

hànzì jiānglái huì bèi pīnyīn qǔdài ma? jiùxiàng yuènányǔ yíyàng.

2. 汉字会和越南语一样将来被拼音取代吗?

hànzì huì hé yuènányǔ yíyàng jiānglái bèi pīnyīn qǔdài ma?

Please give your comments 


Please use "给出" replaced "给" in written.


The Chinese may not be Pinyin replaced, like English will not be replaced as the phonetic symbols.


Chinese has many homophones, but the meaning is different a lot, can't carry so much significance to use pinyin, will make people confused.


The most important point is to construct Chinese characters include Chinese characters creator understanding of the things, this is not reflected by pinyin.


The most obvious example is the representation of elements in the periodic table.



Hydrogen, xenon, radon, which is the element for gaseous matter in normal;


Arsenic, selenium, silicon, they are elements like stone material;


Titanium, scandium, manganese, metal elements;


Mercury, account for the material is liquid under normal conditions.

Thank you for your corrections and response

( 感谢你的更正和响应 / Gǎnxiè nǐ de gēngzhèng hé xiǎngyìng )

No.  All the people who are really interested in simplifying language are switching to Morse Code.

It's binary, just dots and dashes, which is pretty close to digital: none of these olde Roman letters that pin-yin depends on.  Obviously the modern way to go.




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