Hi everybody, everyone says that learning Chinese should be fun. So, one of the best ways to have fun is to tell a joke. I wonder if anybody knows a Chinese joke. Well, I don't mean a joke on the cost of Chinese in English, but a joke from China in Chinese. Does anyone knows one and want to share it with us?

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 Jī wèishéme guò mǎlù?

 Why the chicken cross the road?


 Jiēdào de lìng yībiān qù.

 To go to the other side of the street.

Here is a joke found in About.com-Mandarin ( http://mandarin.about.com/od/chineseculture/a/jiu_fen_yu_yuan.htm )   There are others at that link.


九份 (Jiǔ Fèn) is the name of a small town in northern Taiwan. Jiǔ Fèn is famous for its Yu Yuan, a type of sweet dessert.

In Mandarin Chinese, 九份 also means “nine portions”, so this double meaning is the basis of this Mandarin Chinese joke about Xiao Ming, a visitor who wants to try the delicious food of 九份.

This Mandarin Chinese joke is presented in Chinese characters, Pinyin Romanization, and an English translation.

Simplified Characters



Yǒu yītiān, Xiǎo Míng dào Jiǔ Fèn wán shí, xiǎngdào tā péngyou shuō nà de yù yuán hěnhǎo chī, jiù dàole yī jiā yù yuán de diàn, tā juédìng mǎi le, tā shuō: lǎobǎn, wǒ shí liàng hěn xiǎo yē, kě bùkěyǐ mài wǒ yī fèn jiù hǎo?
Lǎobǎn: ???!!!

English Translation

One day, Xiao Ming went to Jiu Fen village. His friend had told him that Jiu Fen Yu Yuan were very delicious. Once he had arrived, he went to a Yu Yuan shop and decided to buy some. He said to the boss: I don’t have a big appetite. Is it possible to sell me just one portion?

Boss ???

 I call the owner of a local eatery the Lǎobǎn Tai Tai ( boss lady ).


 Lǎobǎn is translated as boss but looking at all the meanings in English an alternate "joke" one is " venerable stiff".  Stiff in English slang is either a dead person or someone with no emotions who can only be trusted to do a task robotically with no independent thinking.

 The owner of the local eatery will reply back to me sometimes " Augh5 (ngo5) lou5 baan2 neung4 " which is Cantonese for  老板娘  ( in Mandarin " Wǒ lǎo bǎn niáng "  )  which can mean female proprietor / lady boss / boss's wife .


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