any interesting etiquette in China, or experiences with it?? i know of some such as face value, not accepting complements, and when offered something you should accept it after awhile even if you don't want it??

but yeah feel free to share your experiences/ info

here is a video about what not to do with chopsticks:


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One should never consider giving alarm clock to someone as a present, because "giving alarm clock" sounds the same as saying "nail in the coffin" in Chinese lol

I think you might find this amusing.  Though the PRC is officially a communist country, the term of address "comrade" (同志 tóngzhì), has largely fallen out of use outside of the government and history textbooks.  It's now most commonly used by the young and urbane as a euphamism for "gay", as the official Chinese word for homosexuality; 同性恋 tóngxìngliàn (同性恋者 tóngxìngliànzhě, homosexual person), is frankly a bit wordy and clinical-sounding.

As you can imagine, some laowai didn't get the you'll occasionally get someone going around calling everyone "comrade", and thinking that China must be absolutely full of political dissidents because nearly everyone they met said "sorry, I don't swing that way".

pelple will fall over themselves to pay the bill after a meal in the restaurant , while  most foreigners will think they're fighting when they see this at the first time .

There's always the "use two hands when accepting a gift, or name card" its a sign of respect, generally students will use two hands when giving their teacher something, and many shops the cashiers will use two hands when accepting cash and giving back the change.


never kneel to anyone... unless it is to a god in a temple or your parents? :)


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