Free for members and designed for newcomers to Chinese, you can click the link below to download Savvy Chat Chinese - 20 questions to basic fluency written by our own community member Sikora & edited by Seraph.

Great work guys! 

Download Savvy Chat Chinese -20 questions to basic fluency


The pdf guide is more than 60 pages of vocabulary, grammar and lessons grouped around 20 basic questions & answers that you will want to master as a beginner. You can print it out to go through on your own or participate live on the original blog post series here:

How to ask "what is your name?" in Chinese


It's a free guide but please consider sharing on Twitter or Facebook using the buttons below.

This sharing helps support the great work that Sikora & Seraph put into this project.

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There is a mistake on page 6, question 9. It says: "Cèsoǔ zài nǎ'er?" But it has to be Cesuo.

Cool, thanks Thomas. Your Chinese is better than beginner right? Are you planning to work through the book or were you just glancing & saw this?  If you find other points just shout.

@Sikora in case you see this page, here's some feedback from facebook post as well.


Yes, you're right. My Chinese is better than beginner. I just took a look and saw it.

Btw. very good overview for beginners. Would have been helpful for me, when I started.

Thanks Thomas for pointing that out.  I can't tell you how many times Seraph and I looked over this book before we put it out.  I guess it's just hard to see your own mistakes ; )   Feel free to contact me personally if you catch anything else that slipped through our editing process!

Ohhhh sorry, can't believe we missed that... Thank you for pointing out. :)

Hi Sikora and Seraph, you did a great job! I would like to translate it into Lithuanian. Could you please send me a personal message to talk in detail about this idea?

Hi Ieva. I'm glad you like the book and it's really exciting to hear that you are interested in translating it. I'll be in contact soon.

I am reading the book now. Great work! Thank you for providing this to the community. 

Thanks Andy!  Glad you've had a chance to give it a read through. 

Wow! Thank you for this cool resource!!!

I like the way you have included a detailed explanation below each question. I am a beginner myself, and I must say, this looks awesome!

Hey Darryn,

Thanks for the positive feedback.  Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions as you go through it.  Have you tried using any of what is in the book in conversations yet?

Really incredible information!  Thank you so much!  I'll definitely pass this on to my friends.


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