Can someone help how do we learn chinese characters and remember them please writing them down over and over and reading please should i carry on learning pinyin.



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okay thanks have been writing them but so many to remember but practice makes perfect hey

awesome thanks will give it a try

I think that once you learn the pattern of the stroke order it gets a little easier. 

But, one app I heard was really helpful was skritter. You have to pay for it, but it will pay off

skritter - phone app - ipad app

XIE XIE PENGYOU will try that have seen that before

ooh and just read a forum post on this site and they suggested train chinese app for the phone. I just got it and will try tomorrow. But it is free and has good reviews!

first, you may start with the 26 letters, i know is boring but when you learn that you are able to read in pinyin, be sure to learn different combo like an, ang and en.......after that you can learn some pattern in the words like氵, 艹,it will help you to understand because all those pattern have meanings. 

I find it easier to learn the characters first (because chances are it's harder) when reading, but pinyin first when using it in conversation. The pinyin would be a combination of the frount and back like ch|ang4 x|ie1 l|iu2

That makes it a bit easier. But there are all the tiny little details about the pronunciation of the 3rd tone.

For me writing the characters comes quite naturally as I have been doing it all my (rather short) life so far, and I don't intend to stop. The best way to memorise one is for me to write it over and over on Chinese foolscap (with the little squares?) That, is also my preferred way of learning phrases.

And as han yue said, the different components have meaning. The bu shou contains the meaning and the other section unually is a guide how to read it. May I demonstrate:

The 艹 (草字头) (head of 草=grass) means having to do with grass, and 花 is "flower".

化 is read h|ua4 and 花 is read h|ua1. There is the similarity.

As to learning pinyin, it depends, but pinyin sure helps with simplifying pronunciation, but I have long since migrated to characters. You should also keep it handy as you need it in many Chinese input functions on computers nowadays, unless you are absolutely confident of stroke number input (I hate it as I keep writing the character in the air, with my finger, over my screen, and it takes 20 seconds for 1 character. Writing is so much faster)

Anyways, 祝你突飞猛进!Hope this helped and all the best.

Here is an everyday usage of an English word. Whenever you see it, you know what the word is.

The pin yin is "disabled" the spelling of how you speak it. Chinese is the same. As you learn and remember a character, you automatically recognize it. I can look at Chinese writing and the words I have learnt and remember stand out. You know when you have learnt a word when you can write the character from memory.

I think it's worth to discover the system, I mean order and rules in hanzi characters. As European (pure phonetic) alphabets  are built on letters, which are built onto elements, like circle, vertical, horizontal, diagonal lines, similarly Chinese characters consist of basic strokes. The strokes make radicals, then of radicals are built characters.

Its rewardful to learn radicals because in dictionaries you can search the meaning of caracters by radicals.

When it comes to memorizing caracters (meaning, form and pronunciation either) I use flashcards, like these.

There are many mobile friendly applications helping drill writing.

I hope I managed to help. 


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