Battle of the Bands! Round #2: 来吧!焙焙! vs. 徐良 小凌

Welcome back to the Battle of the Bands here on SMC! This is Round #2. Round #1 featured Yao Yao up against EXO-M and Yao Yao was the winner. If you missed Round #1, go back, check it out and leave a comment.

About the bands in Round #2:

We have two duets this time.  Come on! Bay Bay!  来吧!焙焙! have quirky, playful vocals.  This tune, 一起加油吧!, features banjo, flute and harmonica.  The couples' infectious smiles are super cute and their indie style sets them apart from a lot of other acts.  Click on the the video for Youku or here for Youtube.


The duet 徐良 小凌 have made an unforgettable gem with the tune 客官不可以. The melody is drilled into your head from the get go with a child-like piano solo laid over top of  angular chords. This compelling song stays with you after just one listen.  Click on the video for Youku for click here for Youtube.



Check out both videos and let us know which band you like better in the comments below. Of course, any discussion about the bands is welcome.  Without further adieu, let's get started with Round #2, DING! DING!

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I like both songs.  Based on a sample space of one song of each duet, I like both equally.  It is a A Tie vote for me.

Usually, this type of songs I’d recommend to my daughter. She’ll definitely like both! Not willing to be accused of being "unnecessarily serious" (Tom, quote from you ) since I do fall into the age range of 25 to 45, I'll definitely vote for this round. J

I’ll vote for the first one: 来吧!焙焙!The performance is natural. Moving bus as the background reminds me of a boy sending his girl friend home after a night movie – romantic setting. And the song completes the story with a humorous touch.

The second song is a good one too, but not my cup of tea.


After listening a few times to each song, I agree with you Grace.  The first song by 来吧!焙焙!( Lái ba!  Bèi bèi! ) is a performance that is natural, romantic and humorous.  But I still like to listen to the "happy-go luckyness" of the second song  客官不可以 by 徐良&小凌 ( Ke guan bu ke yi by Xu Liang & Xiao Ling ) also.  In any case, I do not think that I can change my official ringside score card now once it has been "cast in stone" ( and the difference of likeness is so small anyway ), so that in this battle of the bands my vote must still remain a tie.


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