Welcome to the Battle of the Bands here on SMC! A few weeks ago we had a discussion about Chinese music and we had lots of great suggestions. We compiled all the music with links and now we are ready for the SMC community to vote to find out who will be the first SMC Idol!

About the bands in Round #1:

瑤瑤 (Yao Yao) has over the top cutesy vocals and stage presence. In this song, 愛的抱抱, Yao Yao's simple, infectious chorus and synth-pop backing gives this song universal appeal.

In China? Watch on youku here - 瑤瑤的愛的抱抱

EXO-M is one of the leading acts in the K-Pop scene. The singers have ultra-glossy looks and Jacko-esque dance moves, yet deliver some gutsy vocals. In this song, What is Love, they show their soulful R&B chops in Mandarin.

In China? Watch on youku here - EXO-M - What is Love - MV

Check out both videos and let us know which band you like better in the comments below. Of course, any discussion about the bands is welcome. Without further adieu, let's get started with Round #1, DING! DING!

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In the case of the EXO-M "What Is Love?" the chipmunk version is listed separately.

In the case of Yao Yao, a chipmunk version would clearly be superfluous.



Very insightful and witty dlj! I'm going to mark that +1 for EXO-M.  

This has been a tough one.  Before I give my review, I have to say that I'm not familiar with either contestant's full catalog, so I'm really just basing my decision on these two songs.

EXO-M is clearly more talented and versatile. I doubt that any of Yao Yao's music vary much from this niche she's in.  That being said, one of the main requirements for a solid pop song is that it's easy to remember / sing along with / dance to, etc.  I find the bass line in "What is Love" compelling - it's got a sexy thump to it.  But the vocals follow a rhapsodic R&B style that float just a little shy of being "catchy."  On the other hand, Yao Yao's 愛的抱抱 is instantly embedded in your head (for better or worse).  Love her or hate her, Yao Yao is not going to be ignored - you'll be singing that damn song for the rest of the day.

So I have to give this round to Yao Yao.  And just in case you doubt the staying power of this kind of stuff, I STILL hear Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" at least once a month on the radio here in the states and I think she still tours.   

No competition.  瑤瑤 (Yao Yao) has over the top cutesy vocals and great stage presence. This song, 愛的抱抱, is a winner for both 爷爷s and 小儿女s.  But this cute song probably only has trouble with a subset of one age group, the needlessly ultra serious 25 - 40 year old crowd.  What old guy like me could resist his oldest grand daughters singing and acting like first graders ?  One of my pre school grand daughters has already discovered this song and dances and sings it ( theChinese parts are faked by her ). Yao Yao wins completely.

The competition EXO-M at first sound like a US black boys group but then they change into a US white boys group.  Near the end I thought Justin Timberlake was singing in Chinese. This song was very unoriginal. I thought it sounded like pablum CD filler.

I think I have the same opinion as that of Thomas. I would definitely go wit Yaoyao. May be because I have heard their songs more than EXO-Ms.

Wow those are both popular singers now. It's interesting. I didn't expect you would find them. :)

I don't really like either of them... I want to share some background story though.  Yao yao is from Taiwan, she got famous because of her D-cup. EXO-M is a group mix with Chinese and Korean, that's why it looks more western style. And EXO-M is very hot right now.

This site says her cups are Fs but she looks pretty normal to me ( probably C cup ):   http://www.viki.com/channels/8273-guo-shu-yao    

Yeah it's E or F, more than D. Maybe it's Asian size lol~

Yeah.  C European, E Asian. Lols.


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