Anyone want to try to learn Chinese characters in an online class?

I am experimenting with teaching/learning chinese characters in an online setting.

Looking for feedback.  Going to try to start a chinese character class on Khan Academy.

students can use the code 2SUWYW to join.

let me know what you think.  thanks.

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I'd be interested, yes. Khan Academy is a free education site, is that right?

Hello Roger, I also would be interested and I just joined Khan Academy, but I can not find your course. For me it would be good once a week for about an hour. What is in your mind?

Looking forward to hear from you

kind regards


Hello Roger, I would be interested, but have not been able to find your site..  I try to do something everyday, but it is not consistent time.  A link to your site along with the pass word would be very helpful.

Thank you.

Yes, I would like to learn to write Chinese character (simplified?). I will follow this post to see what develops. I love your free training on Khan Academy website. Keep up the great service you are doing for people around the world!.

I also would
Like to do this

Does everyone have false  pictures next to their post?

Not me!


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