Anyone interested in language exchange? (Chinese & Swedish/Finnish)


I registred two days ago here at Study More Chinese in order to learn Chinese. What I suggets is a language exchange; I can teach Swedish and Finnish as native speaker, while you were to teach me Chinese.

If anyone is interested, please contact me.

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Hi, Maybe I can give you a little help to learn Chinese if you need, but I just knew a few English.

Thank you very much. I do not believe tha language will be problem. What level do you have of Mandarin Chinese? If it helps, I know Japanese fairly well, so you can communicate in that also, if you feel like it.

I am a Chinese, Chinese is my native language.

That is great. Okay, my e-mail is, so please send something there, when you have time. We can start from there.

Thank you  Huang for your offer. I Think I still choose 秦胜, since he ( I assume ) was first to reply in this thread. As I am not native speaker of English, I Think I cannot help you as much as native speaker could.  But if you think I can teach you anything, just contact me. 


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