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Does anyone know where we can watch free dowload movie on the net?

Hi, Have you ever watched Chinese movie through free download on the net? If so,  could you please tell us  some good sites? Thanks!!!

Started by Shu

16 Jun 13, 2012
Reply by Shu

Mobile for Language Learning is NOT the Future...(According to Busuu 2012 report)..Do you agree?

Out of 45,000 people who took the Busuu Language Learning survey, only 2% said it was an efficient way for them to learn right now, and 4%…

Started by rosscranwell

5 Apr 13, 2012
Reply by jlverbie

Where can I study Hokkien online?

I know this is all about studying Mandarin Chinese, but if I may ask, would you guys know of any online reference in studying Hokkien (spec…

Started by James Sio

5 Apr 8, 2012
Reply by Mark Ashworth

Helping a Chinese person learn English

Hey everyone. I just joined here to ask a simple question. I'm interested in helping someone I met here in Shanghai who doesn't speak Engli…

Started by Michael Smith

5 Mar 14, 2012
Reply by Michael Smith


How you got your Chinese name? Do you like it? Have you ever changed it?

I got my name from my grandfather, how about you? Do you like your name?

Started by Shu

0 Mar 6, 2012

What are some Polite Phrases & Characters in Chinese?

So I noticed some cultural differences lately. We tend to be more 'polite' when asking for service in the US. Usually saying please and tha…


1 Dec 31, 2011
Reply by Shu


Music people: China rock videos

Have you come across any good / indie / rock bands that are China based or sing in Chinese?     I would like to post more videos from bands…

Started by Brandon

7 Dec 17, 2011
Reply by Gen


Kung Fu Fans needed: blog post about Bruce Lee

I think it would be interesting if someone looked up Bruce Lee and did some vocabulary related to his name, past & movies / movie title…

Started by Brandon

2 Dec 14, 2011
Reply by Gen


Are you buying a Christmas tree? 圣诞树?

周末我打算买一棵圣诞树。 我的两儿子很激动!你们周末打算干什么?如果你有圣诞树,是真的还是假的?希望大家都做什么好玩的!

Started by sikora

2 Dec 11, 2011
Reply by Gen

Thesis Topic

Hai, i need your help and advice. what topic should i choose for my Chinese Thesis? any ideas? about business, literature, Chinese culture,…

Started by Marchella Loofis

2 Nov 5, 2011
Reply by Mark Ashworth


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