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What is the difference between, "Verb + 了... 了." and "Verb + 过." ?

I've been translating these two Chinese grammar patterns in English the same way, but I'm wondering if there is a difference in meaning: 我…

Started by sikora

14 Jun 19, 2012
Reply by sikora

How to use the Future tense in Mandarin??? Qing Bangzhu wo

hey so, lately i have been covering tenses... such as past construction of shi.. and de   and the future of yao.. le = be going to, about t…

Started by Lauren qinpei

4 Jun 15, 2012
Reply by Seraph Ching


How do you describe hair and eye color in Chinese?

I've been trying to pin down how to talk about hair and eye color in Chinese.  It seems to me that it might be kind of like English in that…

Started by sikora

1 Jan 18, 2012
Reply by Shu


How do you say, "put" in Chinese?

There are plenty of examples of chinese words in action on the internet, but unfortunately many of the examples are not very useful to a pe…

Started by sikora

4 Jan 2, 2012
Reply by alf


Grammar Pattern Frequency

There are tons of sites and apps out there that deal with Chinese characters and rank them in order of frequency.  But I was wondering if t…

Started by sikora

3 Dec 14, 2011
Reply by Shu

Letter of Introduction

What seems more appropriate in a letter of Intrdoction to a CEO and Film producer in Beijing? 1. 我写中国的美国小说和剧本。 or 2. 我谁写中国的美国小说和剧本的作者

Started by Gordon Mathieson

1 Aug 22, 2011
Reply by xu yong

Question on conjunctions 和, 并且, 也

Are there rules of thumb on when to use various conjunctions? For example how to differentiate between: 和,并且,也 and others   Not sure if thi…

Started by Joshua

2 Aug 14, 2011
Reply by xu yong

Help with Chinese text

So uhm, I really hope this is the right category for this request (forum things tend to confuse me...). I've not been on here for very long…

Started by Sarah Heintze

2 May 3, 2011
Reply by Brandon


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