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孫子 Sun Zi Quotation

From chapter 3 of an English translation of Sun Zi's Art of War is this quotation:      "What is of supreme importance in war is to attack…

Started by Shawn Talsma

7 Apr 16, 2016
Reply by Wans

On pseudo-categories, or why Chinese seems more difficult than it is

In what is taken by some to be the best reference grammar of Chinese in English, Yip Po-Ching & Don Rimmington’s “Chinese. A Comprehe…

Started by Gong Yi Si

7 Jan 25, 2015
Reply by James Jenkin

How is 不用谢 (= Bù yòng xiè) understood by Chinese speakers?

Of course不用谢 “Bù yòng xiè” is one of the earliest Chinese expressions any foreign learner is asked to learn, and that it is used to polit…

Started by Gong Yi Si

22 Jan 9, 2015
Reply by Hubert Cross

How is English “and” translated into Mandarin when it is equivalent to the “&” of propositional logic?

[In propositional logic, “&” is a two-place propositional function. Its arguments are two propositions, P, Q that may be true (T) or…

Started by Gong Yi Si

9 Feb 14, 2014
Reply by Gong Yi Si

What syntactic category is "gui4xing4" in "nin2 gui4xing4"?

I have suddenly realized that I do not know what syntactic category "nin2 gui4xing4?" belongs to and I wonder whether somebody here can enl…

Started by Gong Yi Si

7 Jan 20, 2014
Reply by zhangmei

Why is 都 dou called an ‘adverb’?

In most grammars (in English!) and bilingual dictionaries of Chinese that I have seen (some do not specify category), 都 meaning “all” is ca…

Started by Gong Yi Si

43 Jan 15, 2014
Reply by Thomas Doherty

"Shì" as a pro-predicate

Since this is my first post in this forum, I'll comment on a simple, but hopefully interesting, little detail about one of the most basic w…

Started by Gong Yi Si

5 Nov 30, 2013
Reply by Gong Yi Si

Chinese pronuns and the use of them

Hello everyone, this will be my first post on this forum and I hope you all can help me with Mandarin Chinese in the future.   The pronouns…

Started by F

2 Nov 17, 2013
Reply by Min Wei

你不能把油和水混合 - You can't mix oil with water - explain 把 bǎ usage

Hi everyone, I stumbled upon this example sentence: 你不能把油和水混合. nǐ bù néng bǎ yóu hé shuǐ hùnhé. You can't mix oil with water. Can someo…

Started by Tobi

13 Sep 5, 2013
Reply by Rebbeca Chan

Xmas Sales for learn Chinese Apps

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Started by Huayu School

0 Dec 25, 2012


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