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Comment by Thomas Doherty on December 8, 2011 at 7:33am

From the main comment : : This video is edited from the Teresa Teng Special in 1977. The sound of the original tape comes from only the left speaker. I have edited it to have the sound come from both the left and the right speakers. This song is based on the same melody as the Indonesian song "Harapanku".

南海姑娘 (nan hai gu niang) Girl Of South Sea
作詞:莊奴 作曲:湯尼

椰風挑動銀浪 夕陽躲雲偷看
(ye feng tiao dong yin lang, xi yang duo yun tou kan)
The wind from the coconut trees stirs the silver waves. 
The setting Sun sneaks peeping behind the clouds.

看見金色的沙灘上 獨坐一位美麗的姑娘
(kan jian jin se de sha tan shang, du zuo yi wei mei li de gu niang)
On the golden sandy beach, alone sits a beautiful girl.

眼睛星樣燦爛 眉似星月彎彎
(yan jing xing yang can lan, mei se xing yue wan wan)
Eyes are bright like stars. Brows are curve like the stars and the Moon.

穿著一件紅色的紗籠 紅得像她嘴上的檳榔
(chuan zhuo yi jian hong se de sha long, hong de xiang ta zui shang de bing lang)
Put on a red sarong, as red as the betel nut in her mouth.

她在輕嘆 嘆那無情郎
(ta zai qing tan, tan na wu qing lang)
She is sighing lightly, about that heartless boyfriend,

想到淚汪汪 濕了紅色紗籠白衣裳
(xiang dao lei wang wang, shi le hong se sha long bai yi shang)
Tears swell and soak through the red sarong and white clothing.

唉呀南海姑娘 何必太過悲傷
(ai ya nan hai gu niang, he bi tai guo bei shang)
Ah, girl of South Sea, why need be too sad

(nian ji qing qing zhi shi liu ban)
Young age of only 16 and a half. 

(jiu meng shi qu you xin lu zuo ban)
A lost dream will be replaced by a new companion.


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