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Comment by Thomas Doherty on October 22, 2012 at 9:05pm

Some survival Cantonese ( I live in an area where mainly Cantonese is spoken in stores, cafes and social gatherings).  Mandarin and Hokkien speaking people learn some Cantonese; Laowai Style is to fake it with phrases such as the following:

cha mo tong === tea no sugar

ling mong cha === (hot) lemon tea

bing dong ling mong cha === ice cold lemon tea

you tiaow === fried dough stick(s) aka fried devils

You may be asked:

yum mutt yeah ? === drink what ?  ( yeah is a Cantonese sentence ending not a real function word )

lay yum mutt yeah ? === you drink what ?

sic mutt yeah ?  ===  eat what ?

lay sic mutt yeah ? === you eat what ?

lay yum dee mutt yeah ? === you drink what thing ?

yew myew tong ? ===  want sugar ?  ( Hai or Haiyeah - Yes; mo - No )

hoh hoh sic ? === taste good ?  ( hoh mei - Yummy )

mo tarr ?  ===  full ?

momentie ?  ===  no problem ?   ( mo momentie - No, no problem )

ma mann sic ==  enjoy meal

cheegan ?  === spoon ?

charr ?  ====  fork ?

dao bao ? === doggy bag ?

lay yew myew yat go hap ?  === you want 1 box ?

leung go hap ?  ===  2 boxes ?

door dee ?  ===  more ?

If at a sit down pay at end cafe and you are waiting for the payment bill say:

mm-goi, my darn !  ===  please, the bill !


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