Chinese version of Marvin's Room with lyrics by Dawen

Chinese & English cover by Dawen & Sha Sha Jones. Pretty good Chinese vocabulary for relationships, lyrics in the comments below.

From youtube page:
Chinese cover Drake Marvin's Room free mp3 download
Dawen on Facebook
Chinese and new English Lyrics by Dawen, Produced by Dawen.

Sha Sha Jones youtube
Dawen on youtube

Original song: Drake - Marvins Room

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Comment by Brandon on August 7, 2011 at 10:40am

Chinese lyrics & pinyin from the youtube video page:

Simplified Lyrics:

德瑞克 -- 我不要妳跟他在一起 (中英文版)





(Dà wén):
Mǎzi de hàomǎ
Hái zài wǒ diànhuà
Gǎnkuài qù zhǎo tā
Wǒ yǐjīng dāi lái dāi qù tài jiǔle

Wǒ yǐqián de nǚyǒu
Yǒu gè xīn de nán péngyǒu
Dàn wǒ hēle tài duō
Wǒ jiù dǎ tā diànhuà gēn tā shuō:

Wǒ hǎo tǎoyàn nǎi de nán péngyǒu
Wǒ zhīdào nǎi yǒushí hái huì xiǎngdào wǒ
Wǒ shuō
Wǒ hǎo tǎoyàn zhège wángbā dàn
Wǒ zhīdào nǎi kàn bù chūlái tā duō làn

Wǒ bùyào nǎi gēn tā zài yīqǐ
Xīwàng nǐmen gǎnkuài fēnshǒu
Wǒ bùyào nǎi gēn tā zài yīqǐ
Hěn bàoqiàn wǒ hēle tài duō hóngjiǔ

Comment by joshie on August 16, 2011 at 2:54am
i liked that one very much.
Comment by Michael Chee on August 16, 2011 at 5:48am
ahh this is awesome.. great find.


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