第一计Stratagem 1st :瞒man2天tian1过guo4海hai3

瞒天过海: man2 tian1 guo4 hai3

Literally: to hide the real intention from the Emperor of Heaven and sail the march across a sea

                 瞒:to hide; 天:short for Emperor of Heaven; 过: across; 海:sea

Used for: hiding your real intention from somebody and making it through 


Tang Dynasty, 17th year of Zhenguan Times, Emperor Tai was leading his army to conquer the eastern land. One day, they came to a sea and could not sail across it. The Emperor Tai asked his courtiers whether they have any ideas to solve the problem, however, received no answer.

And then, after some hour,  the Emperor Tai was reported that a richman who lived in the neighhood came to worship him and said in his mansion house, he has all the necessities prepared for 300,000 soilders sailing across the sea. The Emperor and all the remains was led in his mansion. 

Music and feast was on and all was immersed in joyment. All of sudden, there was a fierce shake and everyone could feel its strength and was shaked right and left. The Emperor ordered to figure out what was going on and he then was told they were sailing on the sea already. And the richman was actually Xue Rengui.

And people use this 4-letter idiom to express he tries to hide his real intention from others and usually he made it.




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