Hello from Huang~ 来自黄的问候

Hello, my future viewers, this is Huang HERE~

After my honeymoon to Japan, I started to be more and more interested in traditional Chinese culture. What makes things more interesting is that a friend raised a reading plan which requiring each of us read at least one book per month. Therefore, I've my decision to read some traditional works. The book of March is Thirty-six Stratagem(《三十六计》).

I would post one story behind the stratagem on my WeChat. Since today is 11th, I've already posted 10 stories and learned 10 stratagems. For "learned", I mean, just knew how the four-character words generated and its meaning at present, not that I learned how to use the stratagem, or skill, so well that I can be a militarist like Sunzi,lol.

So, I don't know if anyone here interested in this criteria, but I'm kind of feeling like applying my English to translate the story that I learned everyday, as my own English practicing but also for further learning of some of you guys, if any.

Ok, let's see if I'll be persistent.

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