Following are 10 of the Chinese or China blogs which I have subscribed to over the years. (They are not in order of importance.)

1. Chengdu Living

This is a blog written about Chengdu a city in Sichuan. 

2. China Smack

This is up to date articles about current events all over China.

3. Sinoglot

As it says on the subheading it is about "Language in China, eclectically.

4. The China Beat

Book Reviews 

5. All Set Learning

Teaching Chinese language from Shanghai, and home to the Chinese Grammar Wiki which is an excellent site!  I definitely recommend it. 

6. Study More Chinese

A great site to better, and use Mandarin!

7. Laowai Chinese

From the sub heading "Tips and Strategies for Learning Mandarin Chinese. 

8. Beijing Sounds

This is a really great place to hear actual conversations with Beijingers. It concentrates on the Beijing "r" sound. Cool site!

9. Pinyin News

Just like it says news about Pinyin's role in this world. 

10. Seeing Red in China

is your guide to modern China. 


Add others to this list my fellow Putonghua learners! How many are out there which are just as fascinating?

(this post was originally published on Study More Chinese blogs written by Josh Ke)

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Comment by Josh Ke 柯恩华 on June 30, 2012 at 3:05am

no problem !

Comment by Susu on June 29, 2012 at 11:39pm

These are great links - thank you for sharing.  I really like  It tackles a real problem I and I guess most learners have... understanding real, wild spoken mandarin!  You might find useful too - it helps with practising reading real wild-caught written mandarin with authentic but easy articles.

I love and, both of which spot the latest tools and tips for improving your chinese.  Hacks also posts funny/interesting mandarin lessons from real-life.

Comment by Kevin Lewis on June 29, 2012 at 9:14am

I've not heard about these before-at least not many of them.... Hope you don't mind if I take your list and distrubute it to my mates and students?

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