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这 是 一 个真 实 的 故 事 。 zhè shì yí ɡè zhēn shí de ɡù shi 。 This is a true story.

wǒ de mèi mei hěn chǒu ,

我 的 妹 妹 很 丑 ,

suó yǐ , wǒ de mā mɑ zài tā de bó zi shànɡ ɡuà le yì ɡēn xiānɡ chánɡ ,


所 以 , 我 的 妈 妈 在 她 的 脖 子 上 挂 了 一 根 香 肠 ,


zhè yànɡ , ɡǒu jiù huì ɡēn tā wán le 。

这 样 ,狗 就 会 跟 她 玩 了。


My little sister is so ugly that my mother had to put a string of sausages around her neck so the dog would play with…


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Recent self-study adventures

Have had to do a placement test for my ELTF sponsorship.  Could do part A relatively I think! Part B....too hard for me...Overall I think I am where I should be on my learning journey.…


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Yoda Speak – A new methodology for learning Chinese

Yoda Speak – A new methodology for learning Chinese

Ok so George Lucas is making a new Star Wars film. Much to the delight or dismay to current fans. Personally after watching the first film in the cinema in the last quarter of the last century (1979) my curiosity was satisfied.

Now what…


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Help translating two idioms?

what is the meaning of the idioms:



thank you

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