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Looking for a good self-study Chinese book? Read this review from Andrej8.

Integrated Chinese, Level 1 Part
1 Textbook

by Yuehua Liu

While attempting to engage in self study for over a year a half
I’ve been through quite a lot of books attempting to teach Chinese,
from Chinese for Dummies, travel dictionaries, dirty phrase
handbooks, as well as a few textbooks out of China. But I was
pleasantly surprised when I received my first Mandarin textbook for
UMASS Boston.

This is THEE BOOK!

+ It’s written clearly
+ puts emphasis on reading characters
+ explains all the grammar
+ usefull vocabulary
+ and the dialogs don’t sound too flaky

I highly recommend this text, even if you aren’t currently enrolled
in a mandarin class this is by far one of the best resources you
can get you hands on.

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