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Kindle Learn Chinese Book Guide - Reviews

Want to study Chinese on the Kindle? Here is the top reviewed Kindle Chinese Mandarin book.   Schaum's Outline of Chinese Grammar [Kindle Edition] This kindle mandarin chinese book has more… View »

Rosetta Stone Chinese Review

Is Rosetta Stone for Chinese worth it? Read our review of Rosetta Stone Chinese. Rosetta Stone V4 TOTALe: Chinese (Mandarin) Level 1 Rosetta Stone is not for everyone. Some people like it, other pe… View »

Learn Mandarin Characters - Books to study Chinese characters

Find the best books to learn Mandarin Characters - top books for studying and learning Chinese characters - 汉字.   Here is one book I used and enjoy. Learning Chinese the Easy Way by Sam Song… View »

Learn Chinese Mandarin - Recommended Chinese Books and Mandarin Study Tools

Study More Chinese - recommended Mandarin books for learning Chinese - Dictionary, iphone Apps.   Here are some books I'm using. Learning Chinese the Easy Way by Sam Song. This first o… View »

About Study More Chinese & why you should join

Study More Chinese is a social network for people who are learning Chinese. Now, let's look at the "facts" 1) Most of your friends are not studying Chinese (& might think you're crazy) 2) At ti… View »


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