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Online Chinese Teachers - Friendly and Professional

As many of you know, it can be a challenge to find a truly capable Chinese teacher who is also friendly and supportive. We've done the homework for you and partnered with to… View »

How to download Angry Birds Year of the Dragon App (& Game Review) 3 Comments

Just wanted to share some news with your about the Chinese New Year version of Angry Birds on iphone and ipad called "Year of the Dragon" released January 20, 2012.   Basically it look… View »

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Welcome to Study More Chinese.  Now that you have your profile you can do a lot more on the site such as creating blogs & sharing videos.   However, we first recommend that yo… View »

Chinese Video Laugh Song - Golf in Mandarin - China News Fun - Weekly update 7-13-2011

大家好 -   It's been a relatively slow week on the site (好可怜) - (Learning: 'Poor baby' - hǎo kě lián! - 好可怜)...   But a friend shared with me a spectacularly lame video that might make you lau… View »

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The Blog RSS feed is the most popular way to stay up to date for Blog RSS feed          // &n… View »

Self Study Mandarin Chinese book

Looking for a good self-study Chinese book? Read this review from Andrej8. Integrated Chinese, Level 1 Part 1 Textbook by Yuehua Liu While attempting to engage in self study for over a year a h… View »

Improve Spoken Chinese - Conversation Focus Book

Want to speak Chinese faster? Read the reviews of top rated conversational Chinese book.   Chinese 24/7: Everyday Strategies for Speaking and Understanding Mandarin by Albert Wolfe I really… View »


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